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The Weenerz

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Why are we the best BLT in the world?


The Weenerz, in all their infinite wisdom, decided for their first season to play in a tougher division because “we got a few good skaters I guess”. This lead to the team getting blown out ten weeks in a row, as badly as 15-0 one week. But did that rattle the Weenerz morale? No! Every night was still a party in the locker room, and a great time on the ice.

Opponents would be puzzled as to how this team could be losing so bad and still have so much fun celebrating and yelling, and would often come up to us in the handshake line or after the game and congratulate us for our passion and praise our team spirit.

Now that the Weenerz are in a division better suited to our skills, a Weenerz game is a beer league hockey experience like none other. The stands are lined up with friends, family, and Facebook fans wearing Weenerz hats and sweatshirts. The other team is often perplexed, like “do these people starting Weenerz chants know this is a beer league game at 10:30 on a Monday!?”

Could you imagine what we could do with the Westy Prize money!? I mean seriously, just vote for us to see what ridiculous way we’d spend it to promote ourselves.


Why do we deserve to win the westy?


If you think the Weenerz pink and teal jerseys with rainbow stripes on the sleeve looks familiar, it because you may have first seen it on the Stabley Cap webcomic. The Weenerz were first featured in a 2015 comic where Flyers fans start a GoFundMe to purchase the Penguins, and then make their jerseys ridiculous and hire a homeless person who has never played hockey before to give the team a competitive disadvantage.

When the real Weenerz formed in March 2017, it started out as a couple friends just playing open hockey week after week, when we decided, “hey we should just start a team or something”, despite the fact that some of us had not played on a team since high school, and most have never played on a team before ever.

When looking for a uniform that matched our personality, we looked no further than the ridiculous Weenerz design.

So what makes the Weenerz the best beer league team in the world? Aside from being proud to wear those ridiculous jerseys, the Weenerz exemplify what a beer league team should be in terms of actually drinking beer. Where other teams may just show up and play, we come early and stay late to drink and hang out, win or lose.

Drinks are usually provided by Nick “RUM BUCKETS” Natoli, and yes, he had that name on his jersey. Other notable jerseys are when we need a sub, a jersey with the name, “I’m a Sub”. If we need a second sub, we have another jersey to give out, “I’m Also a Sub”.

You can follow the Weenerz on Facebook for schedules and memes!


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The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

Your team has 5652 votes


  1. Rumbuckets11

    Rum Buckets here, please vote for the Weenerz!!!

  2. jrop23

    Pound that vote button! Let’s go!

  3. Rumbuckets11

    First Weenerz game tonight for Fall season! LET’S GO WEENERZ!!!πŸŒ­πŸŒ­πŸŒ­πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸŒ­πŸŒ­πŸŒ­πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸŒ­πŸŒ­πŸŒ­

  4. Cucci B.

    Thanks for all the support so far!!! Weenerz hockey is the best!! πŸ’

  5. Rumbuckets11

    Less than 3 hours until game time! Lets get that first win you bunch of Weenerz!

  6. Rumbuckets11

    Tough loss last night, but what a game by the Weenerz!

  7. Rumbuckets11

    Today is the final Day of Round 1 Voting! Everybody be sure to vote for the Weenerz!

  8. Rumbuckets11


  9. Rumbuckets11

    The Weenerz will be playing at this year’s TCS Buffalo Winter Classis on November 24th-26th, 2017 (Thanksgiving Weekend)! Come on out and show us some support!

  10. Rumbuckets11

    While up in Buffalo for the TCS Winter Classic, we plan on catching a Buffalo Sabres game on November 24th! If you’ll be at that game, look for us, We’ll be wearing our Classic Pink Jerseys and should be easy to spot.

  11. Rumbuckets11

    Also, while up in Buffalo, the Weenerz are looking forward to going to see Niagara Falls as a team. If any of us go over the falls, it will also be easy to spot us in our Classic Pink Jerseys!

    1. Cucci B.

      So we wear our old pink jerseys because the new ones will be sweaty from a weekend of hockey??

  12. Rumbuckets11

    We’re looking for recommendations in Buffalo for where the best Weenerz (Hot Dogs) can be found. Please let us know if you have any recommendations so us Weenerz can get the best Weenerz in Buffalo.

  13. Rumbuckets11

    For those that will be in Buffalo, we will be sure to post our Schedule for the tournament on our Twitter Account once it is finalized. Please follow us on Twitter at @Weenerzhockey

  14. Rumbuckets11

    If you can’t make it out to see us play at the TCS Winter Classic in Buffalo, there’s plenty of chances to see us play in our home rink, Floyd Hall Arena, in Little Falls, New Jersey.

  15. Rumbuckets11

    See the Weenerz in action On Sunday October 8th ad 11:10PM for our 2nd game of the Season. The Weenerz will be facing Liquid Steel on the Main Rink, Nova.

  16. honeybadger99

    This rumbuckers guy seems really full of himself

  17. honeybadger99

    He even got a shoutout in the team’s bio

  18. honeybadger99

    Someone needs to check his ego

  19. honeybadger99

    My god, he calls himself rumbuckers for Christ’s sake

  20. honeybadger99

    But where is honeybadger’s shoutout?

  21. honeybadger99

    It’s no where because nobody appreciates the things he does for this team

  22. honeybadger99

    It’s okay, honeybadger will keep on doing honeybadger things because that’s what honeybadger does

  23. honeybadger99

    Stupid autocorrect, it’s rumbuckets not rumbuckers

  24. honeybadger99

    Gosh, honeybadger can never catch a break

  25. honeybadger99

    Just like how lord stabley can’t catch a puck

  26. honeybadger99

    But you should all definitely come out to one of our games sometime

  27. honeybadger99

    This is the kind of things we do

  28. honeybadger99

    We chirp our own teamates waaayyyyyyyy more than our opponents

  29. honeybadger99

    We once used Nashville’s goalie heckling chant, directed at our own goalie

  30. honeybadger99

    In case you forgot it goes like this- “He shoots, he scores! (insert goalie’s name here), (insert goalie’s name here), (insert goalie’s name here), YOU SUCK! It’s all your fault, It’s all your fault, It’s all your fault.”

  31. Rumbuckets11

    I thought Honey Badgers don’t give a F**k. Why does this Honey Badger guy seem to care so much?

  32. Rumbuckets11

    HoneyBadger Should stick to playing Goalie, because he’s a total bender as a forward!

  33. Rumbuckets11

    HoneyBadger once scored a goal (Surprising right?) And he celebrated by throwing his stick at a player on the other team’s head!

  34. Rumbuckets11

    Keep on Sharing the link with everybody you know on Twitter/facebook/gmail!!! We’re looking to get as many votes as we can in the final hours before round 1 voting closes! http://westyaward.com/the-weenerz/ KEEP SHARING!!!!!

    1. Cucci B.

      Round 2, let’s keep it going!!

  35. drewgiehowser13

    The Weenerz are truly a great team to play for… more energy and spirit of any team I have been a part of!

  36. honeybadger99

    That guy deserved getting hit in the head

  37. Rumbuckets11


  38. Rumbuckets11

    Thank you to all of the Stabley Cap followers for your help in voting each day to help the Weenerz move on to the next round! It is much Appreciated!

  39. Villeneuve J.

    You guys are killing it with the votes! Good luck from a smaller competitor…the #Mousque-Bieres. πŸ˜›

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