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Your team has 3737 votes

Why are we the best BLT in the world?


The Tinderwolves are the best Beer League team in the world because:

1. We love hockey and beer, in that order;
2. Our motto is simple, “ferda.”;
3. We make the best sandos. Stacked with cheese, stacked with ham, stacked with sliced chicken! Boomtown!;
4. We’re back to back champs just like our hometown Pens – we live in the city of champyinz;
5. We range in age from 25-49, with tons of single dudes for the puck bunnies;
6. We spend more time chirping our teammates than the other team;
7. My wife came to a game once;
8. We have zero (and I repeat) zero tinted visors on the squad;
9. We always take a good hour to finish our post-game parking lot game recap and tailgate; and
10. We’re the Tinderwolves. Desperate, drunk and disorderly.


Why do we deserve to win the westy?


The Tinderwolves deserve the Westy Award because they exemplify the spirit of the Westy. Every night and even early morning that we come to the rink it feels like we’re drinking the coldest pint of beer on top of the tallest mountain in the world. While also simultaneously chirping the hell out of a bunch of pylons on the opposing bench. We love beer league, we love beer league talk, and we’ll continue to keep the torch burning!


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The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

Your team has 3737 votes


  1. Murray B.

    Let’s keep this thing going boys!

    1. Ed

      Edit to #5: Our ages range up to 49 years young!

      1. Murray B.

        She’s been fixed!!

  2. UlrichyBobby

    Gotta grease those vote boosters boyss. #wheelsnipecelly #eatsleeplamp #lamplife

  3. hartley

    Just greasin’ those vote boosters all the fuckin’ way to outer space.
    Suck some Martian titties up there, boys.
    Just getting super sloppy all over our space dinks.

  4. Murray B.

    Just want to say thanks for all the votes from everyone! UlrichyBobby will definitely look good going bottom corn in some new unis! #dirtydangles

  5. mgc5012

    Keep the votes coming guys!

  6. cjk4412

    We’re going pucks deep on this contest boys!

  7. mgc5012

    If you ain’t first, you’re last! Ferda!

  8. GoldenDick

    Just woke up from a nappy, had a Busch Light and voted. Just gonna send it.

  9. ddickens96

    Tarps off boys…. Tilly time for the votes here eh!?

  10. Infamous69

    I’ll be taking you guys through chirping from the bench 101. Wait for the next video, 3 things are gunna happen boys.

    1. mgc5012

      Our best work is done from the benches!

  11. mrh325

    Let’s drink some beer and win this thing!! Ferda

  12. mgc5012

    Tack on some last minute votes you bunch of hosers!

  13. UlrichyBobby

    Oh ya? What’s gonna happen Infamous69?!?!

    1. Infamous69

      3 things, I hit you, you hit the pavement, I take your phone and continue voting for the tinderwolves.

      Ferda boys.

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