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Why are we the best BLT in the world?

The Bacon has been together for 16 years. Our team is still made up of almost all the original old farts plus a couple young guys (and by young, we mean NOT 50+ like a lot of us). We play for the love of the game. Our goal for each game is to have fun, hang with our buddies and hopefully not have a grabber on the ice (although it IS a cool way to go). We are mostly cops but we don’ take ourselves too seriously (Really? The Skatin’ BACON?). We have raised almost $500,000 (that’s right, a cool half mil) for a variety of charities. We have the coolest jerseys around and even UnderArmour voted us the Best Amateur Hockey Logo in North America.

Why do we deserve to win the westy?

The Skatin’ Bacon is a charity/beer league hockey team made up of police officers from the Chicago area. The team was created in 2001 in the wake of the 9-11 attacks in New York as a way to raise money for the families of 17 FDNY firefighters from one firehouse who died on 9/11/01.
Since then, the team has skated to raise almost half a million dollars for other charities, including the American Brain Tumor Association, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, The Mario Lemieux Foundation for Cancer Research, Ronald McDonald House and the Wounded Warriors.
The team is currently made up of thirteen police officers and a handful of “civilians” from all walks of life including a security specialist and an ER doctor. We have almost 250 years of police service between us. The Bacon has won some championships and finished in the league cellar a couple times. But we are more than just teammates, we are good friends. We play together, drink together, hang out together and raise money for charity together. We are brothers.
Over the years our team has had three sets of jerseys and we even have our own clothing line! Our logo was rated the Best Amateur Hockey Logo in North America by UnderArmour.

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The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

Your team has 7156 votes


  1. slice77

    Great team, great tradition, great history!

  2. those.guys1

    That Bill guy is the best! He is such a stud!

    1. Loudon C.

      Clearly you can’t be talking about the Bill on the Skatin’ Bacon. Or did you mean to say “Dud?”

      1. Wheels24SkatinBacon

        All I hear is your jealousy!

  3. Villeneuve J.

    Love the logos guys! Jerseys look great. Best of luck.

    1. Loudon C.

      Thanks so much!

  4. Maligator175

    Love the camo jerseys!

  5. slice77

    Good job, keep those votes coming!

  6. goeber81

    This team has the best team name, hope you guys win

  7. AliceSea

    Love the name of your team. Tell me again, how did it come about?

    1. Loudon C.

      We are a team of Chicago area police officers. The rude name people call cops is pigs. I figured I would have fun with it and turn it into a positive. So since pigs are bacon, that makes us the Skatin’ Bacon!

  8. AliceSea

    I live in a suburb of Chicago. I am on the roads and around down town all the time. I admire all the work you do. You are a wonderful bunch of dedicated and helping individuals. Thank you for your service, sometimes to a bunch of uncaring and moron people.

    1. Loudon C.

      Thanks so much for your kind comments. This job is hard enough without losing the support of the public. I still want to believe most Americans support the police. At least the law-abiding ones! LOL.

  9. Loudon C.

    The Bacon makes it to the Elite 8 on the votes of our fans alone! Let’s keep it up Bacon supporters! If you love Bacon, vote for us!

  10. Wheels24SkatinBacon

    #skatinbacon looking to bring some hardware back to Sweet Home Chicago!


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