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The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

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Why are we the best BLT in the world?

Why? In a competition like this that’s a hard question to answer. We probably don’t deserve to win over these other teams because we don’t have hundreds of followers or been a team for decades, have cool sponsors. The only reason I can give you on why we should win is this; the prize money would mean that we can bring hockey to more veterans and cover the costs so that they don’t have to. We can pay the registration fees, ref fees, maybe buy a case of higher quality beer (Nati Light isn’t cutting it) and we can grow this team to open it up to better skilled veterans in more competitive leagues. We can grow our program to establishing a youth program that will challenge the quality of hockey clubs already in our area and make it specific for kids of military and veterans and family members. It’s a dream, but it can happen. Hell, who else can make it happen like a bunch of veterans who refuse to accept defeat?

Why do we deserve to win the westy?

This isn’t the best team in the world because of skill. This is the best team in the world because of its purpose. Hockey is like the military, and it is a bond among players similar to what we experienced serving our country. We served along side one another and despite our differences in upbringing, socio-economic status, religion, preference we became a family. We spent more time together than with our own families, sacrificing weekend get togethers, holidays, births, deaths, weddings and birthdays serving a purpose greater than ourselves. This team isn’t going to be the best because we win every game or because we have the best, most expensive equipment and sponsors. We are going to be the best because no one can beat us. No one can replace the good times, laughs, stories and the bond that we share no matter what the scoreboard says. We all came home and we all carry our fallen brothers and sisters with us every single day. When we strap on those pads, skates, helmets and down that beer before we take the ice, we are not alone and more than just 5 guys and girls (still waiting on a few ladies to commit…) we are an Army of battle buddies, knowing our fallen are up in the clouds laughing their asses off at us, living it up and drinking the best brews in the universe. Win or lose the game, wind up in last place in the bracket…doesn’t matter. We have already beaten the odds that we would even make it home. However, you can bet your butts we are going to play hard and skate hard and save hard. That is the only way we know how to do it.

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Please visit our sponsors

The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

Your team has 0 votes


  1. Hogan S.

    Thanks everyone who is voting for us! We really appreciate your support and just knowing you support our Nonprofit and hockey for disabled veterans afflicted with PTSD means a ton. #WestyAwards

  2. Hogan S.

    Wanted to wish all the other teams out there going for the #WestyAwards the best of luck and thanks for letting us be a part of this!

  3. Hogan S.

    Round One ends today! Thank you to all who have voted. Please remember to vote each day…your support is immensely appreciated.

  4. Hogan S.

    Round 2 is here and we need your support! We are up against some great teams with great bases of support and we need you to get the word about our campaign!

  5. danenphoenix

    Hoping yall get it…voting from Alabama

    1. Hogan S.

      Thanks Danen! Alabama…where I was born, so that makes that even better

  6. bishj001

    Hope these Veterans get some funding! They deserve it!!!

    -Love, The Bish’s

    1. Hogan S.

      The Bishes are awesome folks! Served with Joe and made a lifelong friend and brother.

      1. bishj001

        Anytime!! Joe wishes he could come play with you if we were closer. Maybe we can take a trip and he can sit in on a game or at the least come watch and support!!!

  7. danenphoenix

    Palmer voting again….

  8. bishj001

    Voted and shared. Good luck.

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