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The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

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Why are we the best BLT in the world?

Brew’D is all about the fun of the game and everything surrounding it.

A successful season isn’t about the Cup at the end (tho that has been nice) it’s having everyone on the team on the scoresheet at the end of the season, and everyone coming back, season after season. Making lifelong friends.

It’s about having such a blast that folks from other teams hang out in our locker room.

It’s about inspiring so many other middle aged noobs (purely by having so much fun) that we have a waiting list to get on the team.

We have a better time losing than some teams do winning.

The only real rule is: No BS, all fun.

Brew’D: if they hate us, it’s because they ain’t us.

Why do we deserve to win the westy?

Brew’D was hockey family before we ever took the ice. Made up of mostly hockey parents whose kids have played together and/or against each other for years, we decided it wouldnt do to let the kids have all the fun.

So we – nearly all 35 or older –
signed up for Adult Rookie Class with Scotty Ferris. He blew enough smoke up our asses that we actually believed we could play. And here we are, 4 years later, 3 time D-Cup Champs on the ice and more importantly winners of EVERY pre and post-game session.

We hang out together away from the rink, some work together now, 40+ person team camping trips – all the stuff you hope for when you sign your kids up for this peerless sport. We got a late start, but we are making up for lost time in a big way.

Srrange Brew’D: Win or Lose, We Always Booze.

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The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

Your team has 1759 votes


  1. Membrila M.

    Look at this crew! CLEARLY having the most fun, and we haven’t even gotten into the beer yet.

    Smiles from the minute we get to the rink until the last one leaves the parking lot.

    Sundays are for the boys (and Fightin’ Sue)

  2. mrrcrowley

    Best team in the worst league.

  3. Membrila M.

    Ray needs some new pads! DO IT FOR BROTHER RAY!

  4. barneyrubbleonskates

    I can see most of my palm through the holes in my gloves. I need some new mitts!

  5. JudeN8r

    I’m still using my kid’s old hand-me-down, beat up and torn Mite bag……….. and he is now a Midget! Seriously need new stuff!

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