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Smoke Eaters Hockey Club

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The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

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Why is this the best BLT in the world?

Looking for a beer league team that offers more than bad skating, poor stick handling, and a lot of drinking? Your search is over. Meet the Smoke Eaters.

The Smoke Eaters are a hockey team comprised of fireman from all over the lower part of the Hudson Valley of New York.

What makes this team so great though? The Smoke Eaters were conceived in the front of an ambulance in February 2014. Since then #smokeeatersnation has grown throughout North America as We have been back to back final 4 finishers in the Beer League Talk Jersey Challenge as well as were crowned the Best Beer League Firefighter Team after of competing in last years Westy. This year we are looking to not only keep that crown, but to win the overall award as well!

We don’t let this popularity go to our heads to much though, as The Smoke Eaters have helped raise over $12,000 for various charities since their creation through charity games, tournaments, and fundraisers. We are looking forward to playing in the 2018 Heroes cup in Massachusetts, a tournament full of teams like us where everyone comes home with a charity donation.

The best part of being a Smoke Eater though is the brotherhood. This team has more heart than any other team in the world,
From group nights out to celebrating weddings and kids birthdays, the players consider each other family. We sometimes take the show on the road, traveling for tournaments and road trips Lake Placid or Pittsburgh. The Smoke Eaters might not always win, but they continue to gain community support and using the team to help those who need it.



Why we deserve to win the Westy?

The Smoke Eaters constantly are giving back to the community, All of the teams players are firefighters, and spend our time helping others. So pay it forward, and please vote for the Smoke Eaters, and help us continue to help others thru the great sport of hockey!


For more info, or to follow the Smoke Eaters visit:

or email us: smokeeatershockey@gmail.com

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Please visit our sponsors

The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

Your team has 0 votes


  1. cfanelli20

    Thanks all for making #smokeeatersnation the best there is!!

  2. Hogan S.

    Big time thanks to Chris with the Skoke Eaters! You really get to know how great the hockey community is when they take the time out for you. Cast your votes for these guys!!

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