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Second Round Results

Here are the order of the Top 32 vote getters in Round 2. The 32 teams move on to round 3. Only 16 teams will move on to round 4!


Good Luck Teams!


1 Marines Hockey
2 Tomcats
3 Fussy Puckers
4 Kenai River Queens
5 Suicide Squad
6 Fat Axes
7 Sofa King Lazy HC
8 Zachs Krabbies
9 Harambros
10 Nashville Mighty Drunks
11 Piratate Expendables
12 Evansvilled Hoses Hockey
13 West Hawaii Hockey
14 Dawg Nation
15 Columbus Capitals
16 Bulldogs
17 Mid Ice Crisis
18 USCG Hockey
19 MsCoundcut Hockey
20 Stromtroopers
21 Shamrocks
22 Pittsburgh Puffins
23 Side Shows
24 Smoke Eaters HC
25 Pistol Shrimp
26 Archers
27 Diddlies
28 Humpday Hawks
29 Gators
30 Oklahoma Blues
31 Gary Busey Express
32 Illinois Mighty Drunks
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  1. Amy Milburn

    The Kenai River Queens are having a blast!!
    I love that the sponsors have generously offered sweet swag for the competition and for the Staff and Beer League Talk to host it. We have had a great time building a fan base and this competition has helped bond our team. We are getting creative and working on something to really represent our team.
    Thank you to all of you for the opportunity!!

    1. westy

      We are looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Maybe we should ask teams to make videos representing their teams?

  2. MsConduct Chicago

    Congrats and best of luck to the 32 remaining teams! Let the competition begin!

  3. Marion Nelson

    Kenai River Queens bend their elbows with the best of them with or without their pads but even more they bend those elbows contributing to our community. Teachers, nurses, coaches and more. Hockey is their passion and it shows as they have improved their skills every year plus brought new fun loving hockey chicks onto their team More elbow bending & bonding for all. Go Queens!!! Sharpen those skates, get another 6-oak and win this thing! Skoll

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