Lets hear them!

What is The Westy Award?

The Westy, brought to you by Beer League Talk is the most prestigious award in Beer League Hockey. It is an annual award given to the best beer league hockey team in the world.  Simply winning all your games doesn’t make you the best. There are many things that go into winning The Westy.  You have to have great teammates, awesome camaraderie, cool uniforms, play the game the right way, and most of all have the support of your hockey community to win this honor. In addition to winning the title of Best Beer League Team in the World for 2017, you’ll also get a prize package worth over 12k in new uniforms and hockey gear.

How can I/my team participate in this?

All you have to do is nominate your team, and then get as many votes as you can to win the award.

Who can participate?

Since this is an award for a beer league hockey team, the nominated team must be able to drink beer legally to win it. Of course the winning team must be a beer league (Adult Rec) hockey team, otherwise what’s the point? Other than that pretty much anyone can participate in this. Anyone can nominate any team that plays in North America. You don’t have to run a team or even play hockey to nominate & vote in the Westy Award.

When will we know we won?

The winning team will be notified by Nov 24th, 2017. You can also follow the contest on ,the Westy’s Sponsor, Beer League Talk podcast

How do you win the Westy?

The first thing you have to do to win The Westy Award is to get your team nominated. That begs the questions, “who can nominate teams”? The answer is anyone can nominate teams. You can nominate your team, your teammates can nominate your team, your friends can nominate your team, even your mom can nominate your team.

Once your team is nominated, you will be contacted by Beer League Talk to get information about your team. Once your team page is put on the website your quest to win the Westy is solely in your team’s hands. You & your team will have to share your team’s page to get your hockey community to vote for you. You can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, try to get your local news in on the voting to help your team get the most votes.

There will be multiple rounds of voting where the top vote getters will move on and the team’s with the least amount of votes will be eliminated. When there are 5 teams lefts a panel of judges will decide which of the remaining teams will be crowned the Best Beer League Team in the World!

Good Luck!