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Newfoundland TomCats

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The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

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Why is this the best BLT in the world?

The TomCats Ladies Hockey Team are the BEST BEER LEAGUE TEAM in the WORLD because we ROCK the shit outta Women’s Hockey.

We open our team up to newbies to ensure that those of us who grew up in a time that women didn’t get to gear up and hit the ice, still have an opportunity to learn and enjoy the game.

The TomCats work together to share the love of the game . . . There’s nothing better in Hockey than that!

Why we deserve to win the Westy?

Our Ladies work their butts off to provide for their families and that includes paying to keep their own kids on the ice.

The Ladies show up to practice ready to work. They bring their best to every game, and win or lose, they play with the biggest team spirit in the tourney.

The TomCats give back to the community in a big way by fundraising annually for the Ronald McDonald House.

And boy howdy do we know how to party!!! We work hard . . . We play hard!

I would like nothing more than to tell the team they’ve been awarded the Westy Award!

I really hope this link will work for you. This video says all that needs to be said about this amazing group of women!


Go TomCats!!!!

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The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

Your team has 0 votes


  1. Bonnie Evans (Tournament Co-Chair

    The Tomcats won the top fundraising team the last two years in a row for Ronald McDonald house in St. John’s, NL. They are a wonderful bunch of Ladies and truly deserve winning the Westy Award. They truly love the game and play for the pure enjoyment of playing hockey. Winning a game is a plus but this group of ladies would play if they never won a game.

    1. Deb Bellows

      Thanks Bonnie!!! We look forward to the Ronald McDonald House Women’s Hockey Tournament every year! Thanks for your Dedication to Women’s Hockey! ❤

      Deb 🙂

  2. Deb Bellows

    These Ladies Rock the Hockey World with their positive attitude and pure love of the Game. They are active in their community and receive continuous support from their peers in the local community. The Westy Award is well deserved by this crew!

  3. Susan

    Not only do they love the sport of hockey but they are committed to the team and each other. Great group of gals! Good luck!!!!

    1. TomCats Ladies Hockey Team

      Thanks Susan!

    2. Yvonne

      Thanks Susan for your kind words and support! The TomCats appreciate it greatly! Yvonne 🏒

  4. Bonnie

    This team so deserve to move forward. They are the true definition of a “Team”

  5. Bonnie

    Tomcats define the word “Team”

  6. Darren

    TomCats hosted an event for girls world hockey weekend on October 8th. My daughter left her hockey gloves behind. When I emailed the group wondering if anyone had seen them they hadn’t. A few days later I got an email stating that they had purchased her a new pair. First class group of ladies for sure!

    1. TomCats Ladies Hockey Team

      Thanks Darren! Delighted to have had you two join us for World Girls Hockey Weekend!

  7. Dianne

    Watching these ladies play I just can’t tell the difference between them and an NHL team. the team spirit is amazing!! And the love of the game really shows in how they play!

    1. TomCats Ladies Hockey Team

      Thanks Diane! It’s the love of the game!!

  8. Cherry Pike

    I joined this team 3 years ago. I’ve played a lot of hockey over the years with many different teams both womens and mixed. I think I’m the oldest player by far on the tom cats! It is a privilege to play each and every game with these ladies! Their attitude about the game and their respect for eachother on and off the ice is something I’ve never experienced in hockey. It’s not about winning the game but about including all players regardless of skill and contributing to the community through fund raising while enjoying the game of hockey.

    1. TomCats Ladies Hockey Team

      And you fit in from Day 1! ❤

  9. Denise Fleet

    Tomcats- what an amazing bunch of ladies! And the sense of community really shows. We first started going to some of their community events they hosted which were so much fun for the entire family- us and many other families went and the tomcats were out there plying with all the kids(and parents) encouraging and helping and simply making it fun!! It’s been a real treat and the kids can’t wait to go to another Tomcats event! Just recently they held an event for Girls World Hockey Day and my daughter couldn’t wait! We took her and five of her friends and they joined in with all the other girls for a very well organized event. The ladies went over and above having many prizes for the girls, lots of treats, and organized drills and skills! And the best part was the game where the young girls and the tomcats teamed up and had so much fun!! These ladies love their hockey but they also love their community and it shows through these free events that are always positive and my daughter in particular feels empowered after these fun times, says she hopes she can be a Tomcat when she’s older!!! Go Tomcats Go!!!!

  10. TomCats Ladies Hockey Team

    That is amazing Denise! We’d be lucky to have her on the TomCats! The Westy actually shared our post about Abby just a short time ago!

    It brings us amazing pride to read things like this. It lets us know that we are actually doing what we set out to do as a Team of Women who sometimes encountered obstacles or felt apprehension when wanting to learn to play hockey!

    Thanks so very much and we’ll see you at the next TomCats Family Hockey Day!

  11. Janice

    This is an amazing group of ladies who support each other both on and off the ice. Whether it’s your first time donning the gear or you’ve played for years you are welcomed as a teammate. The involvement of the ladies in the community is astounding, both as a team and as individuals they give back. Work hard, play hard, and party harder, you’re all awesome! GO TOMCATS GO!

    1. TomCats Ladies Hockey Team

      Thanks Bandana! We’ve come a long way since that Growlers Hockey Fundraiser Tournament!

  12. Andrea Power

    I joined the TomCats 4 years ago and it was the best decision I have ever made!! I have been a hockey fan forever and have always dreamed of playing. I grew up taking figure skating lessons but it was not for me. Graceful I am not!! At my first skate with the TomCats I felt like Bambi on ice but at the same time experienced true happiness! I was welcomed and encouraged by everyone on the team and these girls have now become my family. I cannot imagine life without them!

    1. TomCats Ladies Hockey Team

      And we can’t imagine the team without you❣

  13. Coach Jenn

    The TomCats have re-ignited my passion for hockey and I can honestly say I’ve never been around a more welcoming and supportive group of people. The friendships that I have made within this group will last long beyond my days on the ice. The women of the TomCats have a love of the sport that reminds me not to take this game for granted. They have a dedication to the community that inspires me to do more. They have allowed me to share my experience with them and given me an opportunity to develop as a player and a coach. These ladies are not just The World’s Best Beer League Team. They are The World’s Best Team. Period.

    1. TomCats Ladies Hockey Team

      You are the Best, Coach Jenn! It is incredible to know that the team had such a great impact on your passion for Hockey! We could never Thank you enough for your Leadership and Commitment to The TomCats!❤️

  14. Dorothy Spencer

    Newfoundland TomCats You Rock . I think without a second thought you should win the Westy Award . You are truly a role model for the younger girls who want to play hockey . You excel at hockey , you define the term team spirit in every game you play, you support each other and your team is inclusive . You have young and older players with different skill levels , but on the ice you become that great team by supporting each other ,respecting each other whether you are on the ice or not . You have made lifelong friendships and that’s what life is all about . Your team would make anyone want to join. I have worked with Debbie Bellows and she gives 110 % no matter what she is involved in . You have such a great attitude Deb it was a great pleasure to work with you and I can only imagine what fun it would be to be on the ice with you . Oh, I forgot to mention that’s she works hard and plays hard. Like any Newfoundlander that team can drink anyone under the table . Good Luck Ladies you are already winners . Go TomCats go. Just look at how they give back to the community , winners all the way .

    1. TomCats Ladies Hockey Team

      Well Hello Dot! Thanks for the kind ShoutOut! I truly love what joining The TomCats has done for me! A life changing moment for sure!

      I really appreciate you following and Supporting the team! ✌

  15. Daisy Senior

    The Tomcats are an amazing bunch of women who are very involved in their community. Some of them row in the St. John’s and Placentia Regattas each year. They all love sports espically hockey and they love to party. After all they do live in Newfoundland. In an interview at the St. John’s Regatta a few years ago, they were asked what they would do if they won. They said “Party Hard”. Then they were asked what they would do if they lost. They said “Party Harder”. And this is same philosophy they have with hockey. So win or lose there’s gonna be a party. And in Newfoundland you can’t party hard without beer. Best Beer League Team ever. Go Tomcats Go and have fun on the way.

    1. TomCats Ladies Hockey Team

      You know us too well Daisy! Thanks for always being there to cheer us on in everything we do! ❤

  16. Ed Smith

    Last Year I had an Ice time after these ladies. Most times I’d be a bit early and I would watch these ladies play.
    I always noticed that they had a lot of fun and worked really hard!
    Sometimes when I was short skaters, some of the ladies would even come on after their skate and skate with guys. It was a pleasure to have them skate with us because you could tell they just loved the game!
    Nobody deserves this more then these great bunch of ladies!

    1. TomCats Ladies Hockey Team

      Thanks Ed! It was great hooking up on Facebook! You guys have even hooked us up with a Goalie a time or two! It’s great to be able to help each other out! We’ll be in touch about a Co-Ed Tournament before the year is out! 🤘

  17. Suzanne

    Best of luck!

  18. Bernadine

    Way to go Girls!!!
    Lots of luck.

    1. TomCats Ladies Hockey Team

      Thanks Bernadine!!! ❤

  19. Shawn

    Good luck gals, thanks for helping out with the U12 girls Pam.


    1. TomCats Ladies Hockey Team

      Thanks Shaun! Glad to have been able to help out the Little Ladies!

  20. Deb Bellows

    Well Hello Dot! Thanks for the kind ShoutOut! I truly love what joining The TomCats has done for me! A life changing moment for sure!

    I really appreciate you following and Supporting the team! ✌

  21. Dorothy Spencer

    so very close ladies you rock . I hope you win I am using all my Indian Spiritually and I am a very strong believer so I know you will win….Besides what an early birthday gift for me if it is announced tonite, B, day tomorrow . So very proud of you ladies . I know you gave it your best shot and you are all winners. Go TomCats go. P.S Cherry if I were playing you certainly would not be the oldest , just a spring chicken ..

    1. TomCats Ladies Hockey Team

      The winner will be announced on November 18th, so we have a little bit of a wait! 🙂

      1. Ted Malone

        Even if you girls don’t win the westy you are WINNERS… You are the happiest bunch of hockey ladies and good friends I have ever seen …..good luck on Nov.18 !!!!!!!!!!

        1. TomCats Ladies Hockey Team

          Thank you so much Ted! 🤘

  22. TomCats Ladies Hockey Team

    It was an absolute BLAST! Thank you to all of our AMAZING Supporters . . . We LOVE YOU!

    Shout out to local Media for the interviews and Tweets! You guys all Rock!

    NTV Evening News
    Toni-Marie Wiseman, Amanda Mews & Mark Dwyer

    CBC Radio St. John’s Morning Show
    Krissy Holmes & Amy Joy

    CBC St. John’s Web Stories

    OZ FM
    Stephanie O’Brien, Stephen Lethbridge & Hugh Campbell

    Coast 101.1 FM
    VOCM Open line – Paddy Daley
    CBC NL – Jonathan Crowe

    TomCats Live FB Post from Greensleeves

    Good luck to all the teams in the Top 5! Here is the link to The TomCats Westy Award Promo Video.

    3-2-1 TOMCATS!!!

    TomCats Ladies Hockey Team
    St. John’s, NL

  23. Marianne

    Hey Tomcats,
    Now that you are in the final round is there anything we can do to show our support to help you win?
    -Marianne, Columbus Capitals

    1. TomCats Ladies Hockey Team

      Well Hello Marianne & the Columbus Capitals! Thanks for reaching out! It’s out of our hands now and into those of the Westy Committee!

      However, as our competitor up until Round 4, We’d love to know why the Columbus Capitals think The TomCats deserve to win the Westy Award! You Ladies could throw your support behind any of the Top 5, I think it’s pretty awesome that you are shouting out for the TomCats! We’d love to hear from you! 🤘

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