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Why are we the best BLT in the world?


Ever since I was growing up, I always wanted to be an Intangible.

They did whatever they wanted. Skip pre-paid vacations to play in the championship? Check. A team store that only two people have ever purchased from? Check. A YouTube Channel? Check.

A championship in our first ever season? Okay, that wasn’t on my list but I’ll pencil it in. Check.

Intangibles (don’t dare call it The Intangibles) is more than a semi-semi-pro hockey team. It’s a lifestyle. You know that team you hate in your league? Not the sandbaggers who bring former Junior B players to play in E league. A different team with a different kind of hate. I’m talking about the guys who clearly live for it. Where if you aren’t on the team, maybe you give it an eyeroll when they roll out in matching uniforms and socks with stitched on logos. Maybe you scoff when they have a Captain and two Alternates on a 16-player roster. Maybe you mock them in the dressing room – “those guys need to get a hobby”.

That’s us.

And we love it.

In the immortal words of Dave Skylark in The Interview, “they hate us ’cause they anus.”

What makes Intangibles so special is that all of us have been on the other side of the coin. Joining a league as a free agent and getting assigned to a random team of other mercenaries. Getting pumped game in and game out by the other teams. Having shitty, generic, non-matching uniforms with heat-pressed (ugh) graphics. But worst of all, not knowing anyone on the team, not having any camaraderie, and not even enjoying the post-game beers together.

We’ve all been on that team. It’s the antithesis of beer league. It’s how many of us found each other. And now we’re a family. I’ve been on Intangibles and I’ve been on the other teams, and I pick Intangibles every time.


Why do we deserve to win the westy?


Why do you want to play beer league hockey? Ask yourself that.

It’s got to be for more than just wanting to be in shape. You can go to a gym for that.

Something to do? It’s more than that.

See, a good beer league team, it becomes more than just that group of guys and girls that you play hockey with once a week. You become friends away from the ice. You bond over hockey, but the friendship is what keeps you together and makes the team stronger.

We do this for all of the right reasons. We play hard, we want to win without being dicks, and we have fun with everything this team gets involved with. A lot of the stuff is tongue-in-cheek, like the team gear and our (incredible) social media presence. But at the end of the day, we get entertainment out of playing the game, and we hope people can be entertained by following us.

We’re just a regular group of guys who love playing hockey. We’re not superstars (except Marc-Andre) and we’re not getting paid. That’s the beauty of it. If hockey players are the most relatable of athletes, we’re the peak of that. We hope that people see our team and feel a bit inspired to have a little more fun with their own teams. Beer league is special – that’s why it has its own name and isn’t just lumped in with “recreational sports.” We embody that. That’s why we deserve the Westy.


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Please visit our sponsors

The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

Your team has 3677 votes


  1. TheMythicNinja

    Great read! I feel inspired and ready to play!

  2. GeoffLee

    Who needs Tangibles in beer league anyways?

  3. Nicholas

    We have 69 votes. Should we stop there?

  4. Bigpunh

    Intangible’s goalie and male escort extraordinaire, reporting for booty.

  5. braden

    This makes my chiclets tingle

  6. kng

    Bunch of beauties on this team

  7. Reesey07

    Just livin the dream

  8. Ryanherceg

    This is an amazing read. Best sports team I’ve ever played on.

  9. firedragon2k

    Eat, sleep, play hockey.

  10. Ak24

    Let’s play some hockey boy’s

  11. Villeneuve J.

    Hey guys, I checked out your YouTube page. The videos are pretty cool! Good luck from the #Mousque-Bieres. 😀

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