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Illinois MsConduct Chicago

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The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

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Why is this the best BLT in the world?

We love the game of hockey. #nuffsaid

We evolved over the past 10 years into the top team in our organization through careful and strategic recruiting efforts. We have all skill levels, some which have played throughout their entire lives and some which picked up the game in later years of life. Betcha never guess who the oldest one is! And yes, we’ve accepted a few Canucks on our team! I mean heck they are pretty good!

We’ve lost and won a few games over the years and even brought home a few championship banners in the process. Each year we’ve challenged ourselves to be better than the last year/season prior. We made it to the top division in the WCHL for the 15-16 season; as defending championship from the division below, we knew we were going to be faced with plenty of adversity. We made it to the finals and after a phenomenal run in the tournament but lost in the championship game. And while it wasn’t pleasant, we are motivated more than ever to get back to the championship game and bring home the banner, where it belongs! #MsConductfortheWIN

Why we deserve to win the Westy?

Because win or lose, we booze!
And if we didn’t win the game, we most definitely win the party!

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The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

Your team has 0 votes


  1. Ariel

    Playing for Ms. Conduct has been some of the most fun I’ve had in my 13 years of hockey experience! I love that we can have the opportunity to spread women’s hockey to the beginners, as well as play at a competitive level- and still have fun!

    1. MsConduct Hockey

      Whooot! Whoot! Thanks for joining us after your college club days! Recruitment pays off when you start early!! Were you like 10 when we were asking you to join us!? Hahahha!! Love having you Ariel!

  2. Roz

    As one of the Canucks, I’m beyond happy and grateful I get to call MsConduct my team and my hockey family. Amazing organization and even better people to call teammates and friends!

    1. MsConduct Hockey

      Oh Canada! Thanks Roz for your kind words! We love having you as part of the team…. and the #TimHortons deliveries for our coach are always welcome!

  3. Mel

    MsConduct is hockey…MsConduct is family…MsConduct is life. It’s an awesome organization which welcomes all skill levels no matter where/when a teammate has started playing hockey. We have experienced so much together as an organization and team; I am proud to have these ladies as part of my extended family.
    #MsConductfortheWIN #OnMsConduct

    1. MsConduct Hockey

      What can we say Mel!? But thanks for your hard work and dedication to the organization! A lot of success of the team would not have happened without you! #MsConductfortheWin !

  4. Jackie Bangs

    Came to Chicagoland 3 1/2 years ago and was fortunate enough to move to Glenview and join MsConduct. After playing over 20 years with my former team in Ithaca NY and being an unknown 52 year old player, I was very nervous to join the team But from day one I was welcomed and immediately felt a part of my new team/hockey family!

    1. MsConduct Hockey

      Jackie thank you for joining us from the East Coast! We love having you as a part of the MsConduct Family! Ithaca was very lucky to have you for that long and we appreciate you and your time with us!

  5. Ari Groner

    This is more than a hockey team. This is my family. There is no player too old or too new to join. All women are welcomed into the organization. No team is better deserving of BLT than a team whose slogan is, “Win or Loose, We Booze!”

    1. MsConduct Hockey

      Ari… what can we say?! Thank you for being a part of the MsConduct Hockey Family! You bring a light to the team which no one else can match (all good of course! :)0) And taking on a new position in net this season!? You are awesome!
      Oh… and props on the MsConduct updates!
      Ron Burgandy watch out!https://www.facebook.com/MsConductChicago/videos/10157619956245249/

  6. Camy

    As one of the original MsConducts (back when we called ourselves Team-Not-A-Team), I have watched this organization grow from a few moms trying out hockey (and falling like bowling pins) into a premiere women’s hockey program, offering 4 levels and a development team for players at every level. MsConduct is more than a team or group of teams – we are a FAMILY! Individually and collectively, we love this game of hockey and have fun on and off the ice! I am so blessed to be a part of this amazing group of people, from the women who play to the significant others, kids and friends who support us every step of the way. Best Beer League Team of the Midwest, Northern America, heck – the WORLD!!

  7. WIN

    Great teammates, great coaches, and a great organization!! What more can you ask for! Go MsConduct!

  9. Shelley Wagner

    Love MSCONDUCT for bringing my high school bestie into love playing sports! So thrilled for her to find such an amazing group of women to play with. So wish I could have tried hockey since I used to be able to skate well. Thanks for showing what mom’s can do and even the older ones. Go MSCONDUCT for bringing women into an amazing game!

  10. Jeanna

    This is my first year playing for MsConduct after moving from MN and having to take a couple years away from the game due to concussions and the MsConduct has offered me a great competitive but chill atmosphere to be able to enjoy the game I love again in the state where I grew up! I never thought I would find a women’s organization that can compare to Minnesota Hockey but this organization truly does! I am excited for what is to come playing with this team!

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