Fame and $12K are waiting for the taking!

A Gator Hockey Team

Why is this the best BLT in the world?

A)  Our mascot and player of the game (twitter hashtag #GatorOfTheGame) is a stuffed gator bought at walmart for $10 (including tax)

B)  We iced a guy who couldnt skate (twice) in order to have enough guys to play.  Gotta love 11pm ice times

C)  We have a mandatory beer policy.  If it's your turn in the rotation, you bring beer for everyone.  Failure to do so means you can't play.  Seriously.  Never had to enforce it, our dads raised us right.

D)  Our pump up music usually involves something by Taylor Swift, not even kidding.

E)  We completely rely on 2 guys for scoring, also not kidding (Sorry Micheals, but you're our Abdelkader)

Why we deserve to win the Westy?

A)  We're a bunch of well behaved boys that can pop a few goals and pop a few beers on any given evening.  We also do it while keeping our heads relatively screwed on.  Last winter season we were rewarded for our good behavior with a team prize for lowest penalty minutes.  Icing on a cake that was made up of a divisional championship.

B)  Cabbage hands are rampant in our dressing room, and for the sake of the individual players to which this affects, even the next team to take over the dressing room OR our opponents, it really is imperative that we find a way to somehow get new gloves.

C)   Given the limited resources we operate off of, we still find ways to make contributions to charities we hold near and dear to us.  We do a yearly "Fill a boat full of toys" at christmas that provides several families with childrens christmas presents.  Several players recently involved themselves in the 22 pushup PTSD Challenge, others take part in charity runs such as the CIBC "Run for the cure".  Some grow greasy mustaches for "Movember"and we all chip for any local charities that friends/family raise money for... like I said... limited means

D)  Also we got shafted on the winning team prize in a jersey contest by @SportsSquatch, that guy is a real gem.

Follow our shenanigans on twitter:  @rchlgators

Read our horrible game summaries on www.iplayhockey.ca/gators

Watch what is referred to in the horrible game summaries at https://rchl.gameonstream.com/ (its free to register)


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