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Florida Harambros

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The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

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Why is this the best BLT in the world?

This is simple. We Are a team made up of a group of guys that never played together. The team was at one point the “house team” made up of guys that were just looking for a team to play with. I ended up on this team after not skating for 6 years after moving to FL from Boston. To say I was out of shape is an understatement. Took me a good season to even have fun playing again. First night I came to play there was me & a kid that claimed to play juniors. That guy didn’t know which side to line up on a faceoff & wasn’t asked back. I somehow didn’t puke on the bench & was asked to come back. The season was almost over & we were the last place team in the B league. Season ended a couple weeks after getting blown out in the first playoff game. A group of us of about 6 decided to stay together for the following season. I think more because we had fun drinking pints next door at JP Mulligans.
Next season starts we have our 6 plus some guys that the league gave us. We rename our team to the Brewhounds. Order some new Jerseys & just continue to get our ass kicked. We bring in some guys get rid of some guys. We never keep guys that dont come have Pints after the game. We dont care how good you think you are. No Pints your not on our squad. I think we go 500 & get knocked out in first round again.
We head into our 3rd Season togther with a solid 9 guys still have some floaters subbing in the 10 spot. Great group of guys we take a seaon in the B league for the summer as the Brewhounds but also enter C league as the Flyers. Summer league brings in all the young collge guys & kids playing juniors. We win 2 games & knocked out first round again. C league Flyers win the league but skill level was not what we are looking to play. All this rambling brings us to the Harambros! a team built on the the legend of HARAMBE! we order our new Jerseys. New Colors & are currently 2-0 in the B league. We know have a very solid 10 plus 2 or 3 subs that can & want to play with us. We just beat a team that kicked our ass the last 3 seaons 6-2! Our whole team comes to drink pints & by this time were all family.If you didnt know us you would think we had all known each other for years. So why are we the best beer league team you ask? To quote the great poet Drake…… We started from the bottom now were Here!

Why we deserve to win the Westy?

This is also easy….. As I said we were the “house team” that grew into a real team. We stuck together even while we were getting our asses kicked. Its amazing what the beer does!
Secondly we are a team in Miami FL built with a group of guys from all over the place that never played together growing up.
We have 2 guys from Boston, 2 from New York, North Carolina, 3 from Florida,1 from Philly 2 From Canada. One being a Canadian Diplomat! & we have a guy that played for the Columbian national hockey team. YES THEY HAVE ONE & HES A PLAYER! Were like the Mighty ducks 2 without Gordon Bombay! Drinking Beer! If this doesnt deserve an award I dont know what does!

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The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

Your team has 0 votes


  1. Rosy Lopez

    Good Luck and keep having Fun! Cuz Rosy.

  2. Mark silverman

    Being on the brewhounds than the flyers now only on the flyers I think I’m also deserving of some of that gear. Thanks guys. Good luck. Ms.

  3. Laurent Morel-a-l'Huissier

    Best hockey team name EVER

  4. Matheo Velnasty

    #DOFTB #DOFH love u harambro

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