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Connecticut Northford Chiefs

Why is this the best BLT in the world?

The Northford Chiefs are the true embodiment of Old Time Hockey. Mostly because we are a group of old people and we drink beer after games. Sometimes even before games (*GASP*). We are not fans of 16 year old danglers that make us look slow, but those moments are when putting on the foil comes in handy.

The Northford Chiefs were the 2016 CHL State Champions, after winning the Northford Division. However, we touched the trophy, and haven’t won a game since. We are a well rounded group of beer-drinking goons, complete with 3 Canadians, 2 scrappy loud-mouthed females, 2 dentists, 1 guy who has not told his wife there are 2 females on the team, 1 guy who is sure every single person on the opposing team is an a**hole, 1 guy who just wants to play real hockey (pff), and a handful of the Hanson Brothers’ descendants. We had one forward who won the Norman Bates award during the tournament as well, so deemed by the league commissioner.

Seriously, if we aren’t the best beer league team in the world, I don’t what team is.

Why we deserve to win the Westy?

Because, if we are the best beer league team in the world, as explained in the first question, we deserve to win the Westy Award.

And it would be pretty cool to have some equipment upgrades. We’ve got some guys that wear the old Cooper chest protectors from the 70s, which is basically the equivalent of placing a sheet of paper between the body and the jersey.

Also we can’t seem to get the blood stains out of our jerseys anymore, so those could stand to be replaced as well. I mean,┬ájust check out that one guy with an entirely different colored jersey. And our goalie’s jersey is so covered in blood from fighting that he had to wear a Panthers jersey for the final game. Can’t we all just match??

Through all the pain and beer-scented sweat, the Northford Chiefs are worthy.

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  1. silverwolf012@yahoo.com

    Who own da chiefs?

  2. silverwolf012@yahoo.com

    Eddie Shore? Toe Blake?

  3. silverwolf012@yahoo.com



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