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California Stormtroopers

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The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

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Why is this the best BLT in the world?

This team welcomes anyone who wants to play. Playing here has helped some players improve, other players rekindle their passion for the game, and the rest of us just like to drink together. There’s nothing like being a Stormtrooper. We may miss a lot, but we take a lot of shots!Why we deserve to win the Westy?

Why we deserve to win the Westy?

The Stormtroopers are always fun, and nobody gets yelled at for not being good enough. It’s what beer league hockey was designed to be!

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The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

Your team has 0 votes

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  1. jeanvieve@gmail.com

    Women’s hockey isn’t just about the game. It’s about sharing what you love with people that become your best friends.

    The Stormtroopers’ youngest member is in her early twenties, while the oldest is over sixty. What started as a simple excuse to play a tournament in Las Vegas has turned into a fervor that crosses state and country lines. When I first looked to create a novice tournament team, I wanted to ask all the gals that hadn’t ever been picked to play on a tournament team before. We were more novice than Novice, and most of us have been playing hockey less than five years starting as adults.

    But there’s love. Every time we play, we get better. We’ve tried to find times to practice together, and bribe experienced players for coaching and help. We may never win a tournament, but I guarantee you that we have more fun than every other team out there.

    All we could afford is a version of the practice jersey, and I hand-sewed some patches onto it. Winning the Westy means we can replace all our jerseys with dark and light in a higher quality, and get a few extra for future Stormtroopers. It means we can buy ice time, and better quality beer for our coaches and teachers. It means that the gals who travel out of state can come to a tournament they wouldn’t have been able to afford.

    Please vote for us.

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