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California Irish Car bombs

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The Irish Car Bombs have earned the distinction as the best hockey team in the world. We are a hockey team composed of friends from all walks of life, many of us having started hockey as adults in the lowest levels of rec-league hockey as we could find. While playing on different teams, a core group of players developed chemistry, a bond forged by closing down the bar at our local rink after every game. Multiple adult beverages were consumed as the decision was made to create our own beloved team – the Irish Car Bombs. Almost 4 years later, we continue to grow as a team and as a family. What started as one team developed into two teams. What was then two teams expanded again to three teams. Though each team varies from one another in skill and experience, describing our three teams as completely separate entities would be to discredit the seamless comradery we all have with each other from team to team.

We are a team that has gone from playing rec-league to playing travel tournaments, playing at venues ranging from small 3v3 rinks to playing at the Shark Tank in San Jose, even taking full advantage the opportunity to play under the bright lights of Levi’s Stadium. We are not your average hockey team.

All of our teams have a history of success on the ice, but that is only a part of what makes our team so special. Through the collective destruction of our livers to the endless toe-drags to the equally endless face plants, this is a group of incredible people who collect as one under the Irish Car Bombs banner. We never forget that we’re out here to play hard for each other and we make sure to recognize the efforts of our teammates after every game. We honor top players on a game-to-game basis with our Player of the Game hat, often a unanimous decision for obvious reasons. But we also never overlook finer points of beer league hockey, such as the ominous blue line or sniper in the rafters. Should you toe-pick yourself and splatter against the boards or throw in five-too-many puck-handles before forgetting to take a shot on a breakaway, you can count on receiving the Pink Socks – which must be worn during the next game as a reminder of your sins. On the flip side, we also recognize the hardest workers on the ice with the John Cena ‘Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect’ chain necklace. Hard work always beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Not everyone is gifted with Datsyukian hands, but what everyone can control is the effort they put out for our team – and it is important that we always recognize the players who bust their ass for the team. Blocked shots, great hustle on the back check, anything that shows how badly the player wants to WIN…this garners consideration for the John Cena chain.

At the end of the day, we all understand that mistakes are made on the ice. Sometimes you make a bad pass, sometimes you fall on your face. Sometimes, you have the kind of gas that clears half the bench. When a player does something to induce shame, we ask that they invest in our ‘Dollar Bucket’. The Bucket is our way of making light of funny moments we all experience during games. At the end of the season, we harvest the fruits of our collective mistakes by opening the bucket and using the money to help fund a team dinner for all three of our teams. This is the tradition where some of our best memories are had.

All of the above has led to our team being a focal point of so many of our lives. Why are the Irish Car Bombs the best hockey team in the world? Come out to Stanley’s at Sharks Ice after our next game and find out for yourself. We’ll be the giant mass of humanity at the front of the bar – you can’t miss us. We’ll be there ’til closing time.


Why we deserve to win the Westy?

The Irish Car Bombs deserve to win the Westy because we consistently exemplify all the qualities that make hockey the greatest sport in the world. Our passion for the game is on display every time we lace up our skates. Our love for the game is second to none. And while we certainly respect all the other teams that are up for this prestigious award, there is NO other team that I’d rather play for. I LOVE this team!


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The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

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