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California Buzzed LightBeers

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The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

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Why is this the best BLT in the world?

Buzzed Lightbeers is a fairly new team, but we were forged from a group of friends who all met playing hockey. Most of us didn’t even know each other this time last year, but our team became a family almost instantly.

For our team, the actual games are only a fraction of the fun we have together. Our pre-party typically starts by watching friend’s teams at the rink before our game each week…enjoying a few beers and chirping our buds out on the ice.

We have music and a cooler full of beer in the locker room each week and have a blast on the ice. Followed by the locker room afterparty. Win or lose…we booze! Not to mention our Buzz Lightyear Mickey Mouse ears hat handed out to the player of the game each week!

Our team isn’t just together at the rink either…We celebrate holidays and have team parties, BBQ’s and pick-up games on a regular basis.

Buzzed Lightbeers isn’t just a team on the rink anymore either…before our first game, we had friends and family ordering their own jerseys. As the team’s GM, I’ve had to order more than a dozen extra jerseys for team supporters.

Why we deserve to win the Westy?

Hockey with our team isn’t just a beer league game…it’s our lifestyle!

Our team is made up of guys and gals from all walks of life. Most of us save up, work overtime and do what we can to set money aside for the pricey league fees.

Our team loves the game of hockey and everything that comes with the surrounding lifestyle. Playing this game is a big financial burden for a lot of us and even basic upkeep on gear isn’t always easy. Not to mention trying to have anything close to top of the line…not usually an option.

Winning this award would be amazing…not only to help each other out with new gear to make sure we look bitchin while being dangled around…but the pride in being the BEST BEER LEAGUE TEAM IN THE WORLD. That is a title anybody would be proud to represent!!



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The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

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