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Alberta Suicide Squad

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The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

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Why is this the best BLT in the world?

This team has no business playing hockey. This group of misfits have become a strong cohesive unit even when they’ve been put against all odds. There is no doubt as to why they are the “Suicide Squad”. Originally created from the beginner discover hockey program they consist of players from various age groups and backgrounds. Skill levels range from not skating since elementary school to minor hockey. Despite this they have not only created a great hockey team but a strong community that supports one another through of passion for the sport. Each and every player is looking to unlock the true potential within one another as an athlete and a human being.

“Just this season I learned how to stop and skate backwards.” – #82 Chris.

From the newest player to the most experienced, they are constantly coaching one another to help each other achieve their goals on the ice. There is a rule within the team, “you’re welcome for making you better.” Each and every player openly gives and receives constant feedback and constructive criticism regardless of who it comes from.

This team is proud of their humble beginnings and continue to work together to support one another on and off the ice. They take every opportunity to make time for the team by attending public skates, stick and puck sessions, organizing shinny/practice sessions with other beginner teams from the NCHL. They are the true Suicide Squad of hockey.

Why we deserve to win the Westy?

From humble beginnings to division champions. This team has put nothing short of hard work and determination to become 2016 NCHL Tier 3, Div 14 summer provincial champions.

“You could have guessed it was a crowd of fans at an NHL game echoing through the arena.” – #87 Len Zhou

#87 explains this team as being the most exhilarating hockey experience in his life. Just having the chance to compete in their division finals was the result of their dedication and hard work to the team. Starting out as a team made up of players with little to no experience, they knew they had a mountain to climb. Mainly self-taught these players coached one another through constant feedback and constructive criticism.

|”Get up. Work. Workout. Groceries. Kids. Dinner. Family. Lack of sleep.” – #87 Len Zhou
“I have a wife and seven year.” – Jason Ross

Although having busy lives, whenever they could, these players spent every moment available to them on the ice. Starting from not being able to skate and having players circle them relentlessly, they have put in countless hours of hard work to become the team they are today. However, this was not done alone. This group of players had built a team with a foundation of mutual support. They constantly help each other on and off the ice to achieve one another’s goals. They look forward to the oncoming challenges.

Winning the Westy award would allow us to grow and become an even stronger community. If our team won the award, it would grant us the opportunity to help each other improve our game and enjoy the experience of growing together. With the constant time and financial daily pressures of having families and children, this award would provide us with freedom to enjoy the sport of hockey which we love.

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The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

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