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Alaska Kenai River Queens

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The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

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Why is this the best BLT in the world?

The Kenai River Queens is the best Beer League in the World because we are dedicated to not only playing hockey but helping other ladies play hockey. We are a team that formed three years ago in Kenai Alaska by a group of ladies looking to form a team and play regularly not only competing against other and local teams but also empowering and encouraging other women to join the sport.

Kenai River Queens raise money annually with a team garage sale to help offset ice time costs. We have monthly plans, if you cannot commit to the three month fee, and have a drop in fee for people to just come skate with us when they can. We practice twice a week, this year we sending the team to Iceland to play in their Bjiornin Cup so there is an extra night of power skating for conditioning.

Kenai River Queens are Community minded ladies as many of us are educators in local schools, hair stylists, bank tellers, counselors,store managers, mom’s, work in the medical field, and when we are not working in the community we are fellow hockey moms so we are at the rink ALL the time for our kids we deserve some rink time too, and after a day of work what better way to end a few days a week than playing hockey with other mom’s and women ending the session with a beer? Cheap therapy right?

We have the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Cooler” which is this: there is one cooler that must be brought to each practice, game, etc. If you bring the cooler you insure it has cold beer in it, and water as we do include non-drinkers. We all take turns taking and filling the cooler.
The season starts in September with two sessions of “Bring a Friend- Free Skate”. Come skate two sessions with us free and if you can get a helmet and skates we have loaner gear for you! This year we have 6 complete sets of loaner gear for newbies. We try to do monthly tournaments with our sister team in Homer Alaska, and even have a few of them that will come practice with us if they are in town for work. Our season ends in April, we have a month off before Summer Ice starts and many of us skate all summer in between fishing, camping, work, running, climbing mountains, flying ( we have a pilot that flies to tournaments in her plane), biking and riding motorcycles. Kenai River Queens host a Summer Solstice Tournament that includes a BBQ and Lip Sync contest. As most tournaments we travel to have a party we are also skilled mobile party planners always ready with a team costume.

We are always looking for new players to come join, whether you can skate or are a seasoned player. We have two awesome volunteer coaches that started working with us last year, they show up, ready with their whistles, dry erase boards and markers to show us our drills, and join in on our scrimmages. We are each others cheerleaders, and tell it like it is as there are no sugar coats in hockey!

Why we deserve to win the Westy?

Kenai River Queens deserve the Westy Award because we are a group of community minded women who have found the cheapest therapy this side of the Mississippi is hockey, and while competitive on the ice we support and encourage each other on and off the ice no matter your skill level. Kenai River Queens are bad ass Alaskan hockey playing beer drinking women.

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Please visit our sponsors

The Westy wouldn't happen without them!

Your team has 0 votes


  1. Marion

    This is a fabulous group of women and all they wrote about themselves is true. I’ve watched them many times -what a kick -see them with their kids on the ice and in our community. No negatives, all positive hockey puck women. Gotta love ’em and give them that great award.

  2. Tasha

    I can’t tell you enough good things about playing on this team. I have only been a member for a year, and new to the game as well. A group of ladies I had never met anywhere else, and rarely see out and about town during my rounds of chores, and errands and work, bills..etc… These ladies are hilarious, open minded, seriously anything goes and you will get cold honest truth, sarcasm (never) and twisted humor. If we had a team drink it would be Fireball as that is the traditional locker room drink along with cold beers. When the temperatures drop to about 10 above 0*F we bring peppermint schnapps and hot chocolate. The parties are never dull, and there is never a tournament that there is not enough food or drinks. Ladies hockey has been quite the adventure and I only regret not trying it sooner in life. Kenai River Queens are the best BLT. Period.

  3. Marion K Nelson

    Yea, Round 2 for Our Own, Alaska Kenai River Queens women’s hockey team. The community, their co-workers, the other adult hockey teams in our area….especially the more experienced guy hockey coaches that have worked with them from time to time, are so proud of this fun loving, hockey loving team. Hockey babes rule. Never a dull moment on or off the ice; Go Queens!

  4. brooke ames

    I love my hockey team! Each week I look forward to skating with these amazing ladies. They are my support group, my friends, sometimes enemies (when we scrimmage), and ladies that challenge me to be a better person. I am so happy that I found hockey seven years ago. I really want the world to know how lucky we are to have real coaches! Mikey and Tyler we really appreciate all that you do for us. We love the new drills and the fact that you guys show up to coach us even if it means missing your own game.

  5. Randi Broyles

    These ladies are Moms, Teachers, Dentists, Professionals, Nurses, Paramedics, Fire Fighters… they change lives in their daily lives and they changed my life on the ice. I couldn’t have made it through the past year without the Kenai River Queens. They literally saved my life. I can’t think of a more deserving group. There is a never a night where we don’t have a full bench and a full cooler of beer! KENAI RIVER QUEENS!

  6. Melinda Kay

    I am new to hockey (and skating) at 52 years old, and I am so lucky to have met this group of women who encourage me. Our Goalie is amazing, she seldom lets a shot pass her by. Our Coaches are eternally patient, and just nice guys. We have fun together off the ice as well, as a team, supporting our local Hockey team the Kenai River Brown Bears, volunteering at events, doing fundraising activities.

  7. Christie Stinnett

    I am one of the founders of this team. We started with 15 of us and have grown to over 40. Living in Alaska a lot of us are so far from family. This group of ladies have become my family along with their husbands and kids. We celebrate holidays together , we help
    Each other move , we car pool our kids , and we all have a shoulder to lean on. We volunteer at community functions serving burgers , lots of coaching youth hockey and sponsoring valentine youth skating events! This team is were I get to laugh , exercise and of course drink beers with some amazing people. Love my bitches !!!!

  8. Patty

    This a wonderful team that dose amazing things for there community

  9. Marion K Nelson

    Into the final round for the great and good and elbow bending Kenai River Queens from Alaska. YAY. So proud of these women who give so much to our greater community and skate the hell out of the ice during practices and games and especially tournaments. They get better every year and have more and more fun doing it every year. Super fun beer league hockey chicks we can all be proud of, especially if they win the Westy!!! Skol !!!

  10. Amy Milburn

    As a 2nd Generation Queen, my life felt a little more complete when I started to skate with these ladies. I am a wife, a mom, a friend and a professional. With all of that I was missing out, drifting through as just a person. I have had friends because our kids went to school together or played on the same team, not because I was around people like me. As a hockey mom, how could I expect my son to “catch the puck” or “make that shot” if I could not do it myself. Unlike other hockey moms, it’s not about lipstick but the game and the community. Hockey is a culture that creates lifetime bonds for so many. I grew up around hockey, worked at the rink during high school and even dated a hockey player. I waited until I was 39 to start skating, and I found my community and culture. This group of women like me are competitive, caring, strong, funny, intelligent, and driven. I can be myself and am accepted. My husband is very supportive of me playing hockey and being involved, he encourages it. Much like the encouragement my husband and children have given me, the Westy Award has encouraged a new level of bonding within the Kenai River Queens. We have grown in numbers, volunteered within the community as a group and individually and are now preparing to send a team to Iceland. My son is so proud to say his mom is going to play in a tournament in Iceland. The journey through the Westy Award rounds has been fun to say the least, it has also started a movement within our organization to really shine as the BEST DAMN WOMEN’S TEAM not only in Alaska but in North America.

  11. Deb

    I am “the pilot” that commutes to work and to hockey tournaments via airplane to save time and to avoid moose, snow and slick roads in the winter and lines of RVs in the summer. I live in Homer (south of Kenai at the end of the road) but live and work every other week as a medevac pilot flying out of the hospital near Kenai. From the moment I walked into the heated connex, about 1 year ago, where the Queens change into their gear and socialize before and after practices and games, they made me feel welcome. These women have become my friends and my surrogate family when I am away from home and missing my husband and three kids. I always look forward to playing hockey with these amazing, accomplished, intelligent, funny, beer drinking women. Lots of smiles and laughter do my heart and soul good. Love you ladies.

    1. Julie

      We love you Deb.

  12. Tracy Silta

    I just love this team. I was 51 when I started playing, so 7 years years later, well you do the math. But I’m not the oldest any more. I finally managed to recruit someone older than me. No names, but thanks PAM! When I wake up Thursday morning I know it’s going to be a great day, because in 12 hours I get the pleasure of skating, drinking beer, and connecting with my girls in the locker room. When I’m with my team I feel like I am 30 again, and believe me 30 was a good year. Thanks to every one of you, and I love all you Bitches!

  13. Nicki collins

    I think it is great what you guys are doing! Your kids I can only imagine how they are so proud of you guys! Every time I see your post I vote ! Good luck !

  14. Sammie Johnson

    There is so much more than I could ever say about the Queens in a 10 second clip in a 6 minute video.
    Adulting is hard! I grew up in this town, and trying to assert myself as a grown woman, separate from my parents and who everyone remembers from high school 10 years ago, has been a struggle. Having to find and make friends, especially as a strong, independent, intelligent/educated woman is a tough thing. Women can be catty and exclusive. My saving grace has been THIS group of women.
    Ever since I stepped into the warming shack (not even a locker room!) I have felt accepted. I don’t like to try new things, and I’m quite shy around people I don’t know. These ladies accept me as that (almost) 30 year old who is obsessed with Disney Princesses and Star Trek. I’m not afraid to be myself, because no matter how stupid or silly I am, they will still be my friends. I can call on them no matter what, and they will be there for me. Often, I wake up to 50+ text messages from ladies confessing our love for hockey and for each other, and how excited we are for the next skate, next tournament, and future of our program.
    We are at a group of 45 with more coming each week. We are growing at exponential rates, and it is because of the love we have for each other, the sport (and obviously the beer helps). This isn’t normal. It is EXCEPTIONAL. It is EXTRAORDINARY. And I am so lucky to be a part of it.
    Hockey is an expensive sport, as anyone who has been around it knows. We try our very best to make sure it is as affordable as possible. Many of our teammates have other family members involved; kids, spouses, etc. I cannot emphasize how much winning the Westy would help our team. Even more than it already has. I didn’t thing our group could get any closer, but lo and behold, here we are. In the Elite 8.
    Our community is so supportive, we come from a much smaller location than most other teams in this battle for the Westy. The fact that we’ve made it so far truly shows how much we love our team and the sport of hockey, and how much of an impact we have made in our community. I couldn’t be prouder.


  15. Amy Milburn

    What other team has a traveling beer cooler on wheels with glitter? The team shows up to a full cooler of beer and other assorted drinks for those who can’t have or do not like beer. And occasionally, we get a new one. Like Old Tankard, who knew. We also frequently have beer from our local brewery, you guessed it Kenai River Brewing Company. We like our River like we like our beer, glacial cold! We also have several other fine brewing/bar establishments that are supportive to teams in this community. QUEENS ON 3

  16. Marcy True

    I am a first generation Queen. One of the founding members. We had all began playing on another local team but we felt we wanted to grow and do more, become more. So we created our own team, and ensured all voices are heard. We have grown at an exponential rate. While it is sometimes frustrating to find a balance between inviting “fresh” queens to join and feel welcome and support them in developing their skills while allowing our “seasoned” queens to play at a higher, more competitive level, we meet regularly as an open group to problem solve how to make hockey accessible to everyone. We are now have enough Queens where we are now looking to expand into our own league.

    Alaska is not always the easiest place to live. Sure there is camping, fishing, hiking, berry picking, moose, bear and some of the most amazing in the world. The winters are cold, dark and if you do not have past time the winters can be brutal. I like to travel and I have said numerous time that I would not live in Kenai if it were not for my hockey family. Not only my team but our sister team in Homer, The Divas, as well as all the teams around the state and host numerous tournaments throughout the state and all know how to throw a good party!

    I am a mother of three young children, a special education teacher, I teach yoga, play hockey, billet two junior league hockey players and my husband works out of town. I really do not have time to play hockey but I make time. It is my group therapy. We are a diverse group of ladies that prefer to play puck rather than go to the gym. I love these ladies and they are my family. As many Alaskans I am an import form the lower 48. I do not have extended family in AK. These ladies step up to help me out when I needed. They are most helpful to my mental health. I am so exhausted but so grateful. I go to hockey tired and overwhelmed and leave fulfilled. In my opinion, we are the best BLT. Thank you Queens! #queenson3. Cheers bitches!

  17. Dawn Lesterson

    Well.I’ve had the pleasure of playing some hockey with this kick-ass beer drinkin’ team. This group of moms,sisters and friends, are very welcoming, fun,understanding and Love “The Game”.The comeradery is top notch, scheduling so versatile it’ll work with anyone’s life schedules . Practices are fun,games are fun, tournaments are really fun and a winning a game is a bonus. This is the beginning of a homegrown local success to support girl’s and women’s hockey. GO QUEENS

    1. Shonia

      Dawn was my hockey mentor!! Love you mom!!

  18. Brooke

    Love you Dawn Lesterson!!!!

  19. Shonia

    I love this team! First generation Queen, started hockey at 36, switched to goalie at 40. This is the perfect family sport–my daughter is playing in college and plays with us when she can, my son and his friends shoot on me at shinny and I think I’m winning my husband over! Now if I could convince the family gymnast to lace up we’d all be on board.

    God Bless the Queens!

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