Prove the world yours is the best beer league hockey team and get $12,000 in hockey gear for your buds!

Winning The Westy is like like drinking the coldest pint of beer on top of the tallest mountain in the world. The journey is long and hard, but indeed well worth it.

Are you the best beer league hockey team in the world? Prove it! On top of winning The Westy Award, you also win a complete set of gloves, sticks and other goodies for your team. Winning The Westy is priceless, but the prize package is worth $12,000!

Do we have your attention now!? The first step to winning is to nominate your team. Once completed you will have your very own page where you can vote once a day per person. Share your page to get votes, and the teams with the most votes move on to the next round.

Nominations are open until September 22nd, 2017, and voting starts the next day. The winner will be crowned on November 18th.

Good luck!